Your Road to Recovery Starts with ActaStim-S

Introducing the newest, most compact1 way to deliver FDA-approved lumbar spine fusion therapy2 — now with a companion digital experience that lets you see your progress in motion.

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ActaStim-S spine fusion stimulation device


Take The Next Step

Spinal fusion surgery is a starting point in your journey back toward an active, healthy life. Discover how ActaStim-S can support your recovery and keep your fusion moving in the right direction in the months to come.


your healing with proven technology1


your active recovery process


daily with discreet therapy

2X More Likely to Have a Successful Outcome2

One year after surgery, patients who received 9 months of the same signal delivered by ActaStim-S were more than twice as likely to achieve overall success versus a placebo control.2


Daily Support for Your Journey

While you go about your day-to-day activities, the ActaStim-S spine fusion stimulator is with you at every step. It’s built with technology that has helped patients heal from spinal fusion procedures for over 20 years. And now, that same proven therapy comes with an enhanced digital experience that helps you actively participate in your recovery.

Fits Right Into Your Daily Life


Attaches easily to your back — no invasive procedure necessary

Comfortably Wearable

Compact, the discreet device fits into a pocket or clips on your belt


Delivers non-intrusive therapy localized where you need it
ActaStim Sync

Device Therapy Meets Digital Engagement

A powerful companion technology, the ActaStim Sync app helps you actively engage in your therapy. By tracking your usage and activity, inputting key measurements, and making personalized journal entries, you can create a holistic picture of your progress that offers you and your care team a new level of insight into your healing journey.

Startup Is Quick and Easy

Limited tech skills? No problem. Startup is quick and easy. It takes just a few simple steps to set up your device and start your therapy.

Watch Your Progress

ActaStim Sync shows you a real-time view of your path toward healing, including trends in your pain levels, activity, device usage, and more.

Capture Healing Insights

By tracking your daily progress, ActaStim Sync can help you and your doctor identify personalized ways to support your journey toward recovery.

Share with Your Care Team

In combination with other key assessments, your ActaStim Sync data can provide your doctor with a holistic view of your progress and help guide important decisions about your treatment.


What Doctors & Patients Say

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Getting Started with ActaStim‑S

See how to set up the system and start your therapy in just a few minutes.



Important Documents

Download and review to learn more about ActaStim-S.

Instructions for Use

Detailed guide on how to safely use and care for the ActaStim-S device

Quick Start Guide

Helpful tips on how to to assemble, activate, and troubleshoot ActaStim-S


Have Some Questions?

Here are some common questions we have heard from ActaStim-S patients.

Do I have to wear ActaStim-S all the time?

Your doctor will provide you with a recommended number of days to use the device based on your individual needs. ActaStim-S is designed to deliver continuous therapy throughout the day. The key to providing effective treatment is consistency throughout your day and for the length of time specified by your doctor. In summary, the more, the better.2

What happens if I stop using ActaStim-S? Can I stop for a while and then use it again later?

Follow your doctor’s prescription, which recommends a specific treatment period to obtain the maximum benefit. The more consistently you use ActaStim-S, the better. If, for some reason, you stop wearing the device, do not hesitate to get in touch with your Theragen Representative to discuss how they can help you continue treatment. Your doctor prescribed ActaStim-S to help in your fusion healing, and the sooner you can start routinely using the device, the better. 

What should I do when I shower, bathe, or swim?

Turn off the device, unplug the electrodes from the generator cable, and set the ActaStim-S device and generator cable aside to stay dry. You can keep the electrodes on your back — just use the provided shower covers to protect them. Since the electrode wires will remain exposed, be sure to dry the silver pins completely before reconnecting them to the generator cable and resuming treatment. Never submerge the ActaStim-S device.

What does ActaStim-S therapy feel like?

The ActaStim-S therapeutic signal activates healing on a cellular level, so you will not notice any sensation at all. As long as the ultra-thin electrodes are applied to your back and a green checkmark is displayed, ActaStim-S is working!

Do I have to use the ActaStim Sync app?

The app can be a key companion tool during the time you receive treatment with ActaStim-S. It allows you to play an active role in your healing by helping you track your usage and other important indicators like pain and activity level changes and trends. These progress markers, seen over time, can be valuable to you and your doctor at follow-up visits.

Are You a Surgeon or Other Healthcare Professional?

See how ActaStim-S and the ActaStim Sync app can help support your patient’s recovery from their spinal fusion procedure.


1. Data available on file with Theragen.

2. U.S. Food and Drug Administration. (2020). PMA P190030: FDA Summary of Safety and Effectiveness Data.