Supporting your healing journey

Starting bone growth stimulation with the ActaStim® System? Learn how it can help increase your chance of a successful spine fusion by up to 31%.1

Supporting your healing journey

A female patient wearing the ActaStim bone growth stimulation system while she talks with a friend on a bench

What is a bone growth stimulator?

The ActaStim bone growth stimulation system for patients recovering from spine fusion

What is a bone growth stimulator?

The ActaStim-S is a non-invasive stimulator technology designed to help you heal after spine fusion surgery. It generates a sensation-free electrical signal that helps boost your body’s own bone-healing processes.

It’s all about calcium ions!

Preclinical studies suggest that electrical stimulation can help the body recruit and use calcium ions to promote bone growth – and a successful fusion.2
The signal that ActaStim-S sends to your fusion site helps mimic this natural process by helping cells take in more calcium ions. Those ions then help support more bone cell growth.2,3

It’s all about calcium ions!

A diagram of how bone growth stimulation therapy helps the body heal after spine fusion

How to get the most from healing with ActaStim

Your bone growth stimulator can help maximize your healing potential, but achieving the desired results will take dedication. Here’s what that means for your daily routine with the ActaStim System.
A female patient wearing the ActaStim bone growth stimulation system while she talks with a group of friends


More wear time may deliver better results,2 so wear the device as much as possible. Doing so can help you maximize the benefits of ActaStim’s clinically proven therapy.
A patient using the ActaStim app to complete her daily system sync.


Syncing your ActaStim app sends valuable data to your healthcare team. The more they know, the more they can do to help you heal.
A male patient entering his pain levels and related activities into the ActaStim app


Make sure you record your pain levels and pain-related activities when you sync each day. These steps help you capture healing metrics and stay focused on a successful recovery.

How to set up your system & start your therapy

Watch this video for instructions on how to assemble and activate the ActaStim System. You can get your therapy started in just a few minutes.

What you’ll be tracking & why

The daily information you capture isn’t just for your care team. The ActaStim System is purposefully designed to keep you actively engaged and involved with your recovery.
When you sync and journal every day, it helps you stick to a therapy that’s proven to help you heal successfully — and helps your care team provide the best possible support along the way.

What you’ll be tracking & why

An illustration of ActaStim Sync, the companion app for the ActaStim bone growth stimulation system

Your wear time

When the electrodes are placed on your skin, the device will activate and automatically start to record wear time. You and your care team will be able to monitor this information, along with your pain scores, to ensure you are getting the most out of your prescribed therapy.
A male patient rests in an arm chair while wearing the ActaStim bone growth stimulation system.

Important documents

Download and review to learn more about the ActaStim System.

Instructions for Use

Your detailed guide on how to safely use and regularly care for the ActaStim-S device.

Quick Start Guide

Helpful tips on how to to assemble, activate, and troubleshoot the ActaStim System.

We’ll be here every stepof the way

A female member of the Customer Care team that supports patients using the ActaStim bone growth stimulation system

We’ll be here every step
of the way

Your ActaStim System comes with a dedicated representative who will help you set up and use the system, answer all your questions, and provide ongoing support throughout your entire healing journey.
We’ll even help you with insurance claims and payment plans if needed — because you should be focused on healing, not paperwork.

Have more questions?

Here are a few things other ActaStim patients frequently want to know.
The ActaStim-S therapeutic signal activates healing on a cellular level, so you will not notice any sensation at all. As long as the ultra-thin electrodes are applied to your back and a green checkmark is displayed, ActaStim-S is working!
What does ActaStim-S therapy feel like?
ActaStim-S is designed to deliver continuous therapy throughout the day. The key to providing effective treatment is consistency throughout your day and for the length of time specified by your doctor. In summary, the more you wear it, the better it works.2
How often should I wear the ActaStim-S device?
Disconnect the ActaStim-S device during bathing, showering, or swimming. Reconnect it as soon as possible after these activities. Remove the electrodes or place shower covers over them while showering. Ensure the silver pins are completely dry before reconnecting them to the generator cable to resume treatment, as the electrode wires will remain exposed. Never submerge the ActaStim-S device in water.
What should I do when I shower, bathe, or swim?

Yes, you can travel with your ActaStim device without any concerns. As it is a medical device, there are no issues with bringing it through TSA.

We advise carrying the device in its carrying case while going through the scanner. Alternatively, if you choose to wear the device, ask for a private screening and it's a good idea to bring the Instructions for Use (IFU) to address any questions that TSA staff may have. 

Can I travel with the ActaStim-S device?

Need more help or have more questions?

Reach out to our Theragen team at any time if you need support, supplies, or more information about the ActaStim System.

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