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Now you can deliver proven lumbar spine fusion stimulation technology with the support of an ultramodern digital engagement experience for your patients.

ActaStim-S spine fusion stimulation device and app


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Clinical Legacy of Capacitive Coupling

Capacitive coupling is FDA-approved as a safe and effective therapeutic signal that has been prescribed clinically for over two decades.

Years of
Clinical Use

More Likely to Have a
Successful Outcome1

Reduction in
Failure Rates2

Proven in a Level 1 Clinical Trial...

The spine fusion therapy delivered by ActaStim-S was evaluated in a prospective, randomized, double-blind, multi-center clinical study of 215 evaluable patients:

  • Primary fusion of all types, 1 or 2 levels
  • Endpoints were radiographic and clinical success
  • Clinical success required resumption of activities, limited pain and minimal medication use

... Across Multiple Patient Types1

As assessed 12 months after surgery, patients who use the same proven therapy delivered by ActaStim-S were 2.3 times more likely to achieve overall success with 9 months of treatment, regardless of:

  • Type of fusion
  • Prior history of surgery
  • Smoking status

Guide Their Journey in the Right Direction

After surgery, time with your patient becomes more limited, while the path to healing becomes more important. The ActaStim Sync companion app can be there when you can’t, gathering an unparalleled level of data on your patient’s progress.

Key App Features

Daily usage and activity level tracking shows patients their progress over time.

Real-time pain level logging reduces reliance on patient recollection.

Journaling feature helps patients put data in context by documenting life circumstances during therapy.


ActaStim Sync Advantage

Offer your patients the powerful combination of a clinically proven therapy and a modern digital compass that provides meaningful data at every step of their healing journey.


Keep your patients involved with their treatment by actively tracking daily usage and trends in their activity and pain levels.


Improve patient satisfaction by aligning personal journaling inputs with progress markers like usage, activity, and pain.


Help your patients stay consistent with their therapy by showing them a holistic view of their progress over time.


Digital Insights for
You and Your Patient

Easy-to-analyze data gathered over time can be an invaluable resource to help manage your patient’s recovery. With ActaStim Sync, your dedicated Theragen Representative can provide a longitudinal view of your patient’s healing journey at any time. This reduces reliance on patient recollection and streamlines discussions about treatment progress.


Dedicated Support for You and Your Practice

Your Local Theragen Representative

A trained expert from Theragen will personally help each patient set up their device and download and use the app. They’ll also answer questions, remind patients to sync their device with the app, and provide continuous support until treatment is completed.

The Theragen Customer Experience Team

The Theragen Customer Experience Team will be there every step of the way to help each patient navigate the insurance claims process, provide expert support, optimize insurance coverage, and tailor payment plans to patients’ needs.


What Surgeons & Users Say

Watch Video

The ActaStim-S Difference

See what the system can do for you, your practice, and your patients.



Product Documents

Key resources for you & your patients.

Physician Guide

Detailed guide to the device and how to use it.

Patient Quick Start Guide

How to to assemble, activate, and troubleshoot ActaStim-S.

Instructions for Use

Detailed guide to the device and how to use it.


What Prescribers May Want to Know

Will I have access to the data my patients collect with the ActaStim Sync App?

Yes. Your local Theragen representative can provide you with reports, and patients may also present ActaStim Sync summary data directly from their phone during follow-up appointments.

How are my patients fitted with ActaStim-S, and how do they learn to use the digital app?

First, your dedicated Theragen representative will meet with patients to go over how to set up and use Actastim-S. At this same time, your representative will help them download the digital app, sync the app to the device, and review how to use the app on their phone to get them started.

When can patients start wearing the ActaStim-S device after lumbar spine fusion surgery?

At the surgeon’s discretion, most surgical approaches are compatible with starting a patient’s spine stimulator therapy anytime from immediately post-op to two weeks post-op. However, it is essential to note that electrodes should not be placed directly over unhealed incisions.

How much does ActaStim-S cost the patient?

The patient’s insurance plan dictates the patient’s financial responsibility. Our reimbursement experts will assist with all payor submissions, and if for some reason reimbursement is not available, we can customize a payment plan to make the device affordable. Theragen will explore numerous options to help patients receive the care they need.


Questions? Suggestions? Need Support?

Contact our Theragen team and an ActaStim-S Representative will be happy to assist you,

NOTE: Do not send Patient Health Information (PHI) through this form. If you have questions related to a specific patient, please select “patient question” as your inquiry type and a representative will contact you as soon as possible. 

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1. U.S. Food and Drug Administration. (2020). PMA P190030: FDA Summary of Safety and Effectiveness Data.

2. Goodwin CB, Brighton CT, Guyer RD, Johnson JR, Light KI, Yuan HA. A double-blind study of capacitively coupled electrical stimulation as an adjunct to lumbar spinal fusions. Spine. 1999;24(13):1349-1356.


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